April 10, 2011

Cacharel je t'aime

Growing up I always had a special affection for Cacharel as my mother tenderly passed on some of her shirts and jackets she got in the Seventies from the renowned French designer. To this day I cherish these pieces I've kept over the years and they have a sentimental value that cannot be priced. I'm so happy to see the brand has been rejuvenated by the designer Cedric Charlier after years of hibernation. The style lines, the color palettes, season after season don't fail to amaze. The silhouettes are modern and bring a freshness which has been unprecedented for Cacharel in years. And to be honest, Cacharel has been one of my favorite labels "point a la ligne" for the last few seasons now on the fashion landscape. In this post, I've selected some of the prints from Fall 2011, Pre Fall 2011 and Spring 2011. I mean look at this! Cacharel is the French equivalent to England's Liberty. And Cedric Charlier has done a wonderful job at updating the brand's DNA. The prints are vibrant, abstract and unique and manage not to loose the whimsy Cacharel is known for. For print trend direction, I think this is the designer to be looking at these days. All I can say is thank you, bravo and welcome back, I missed you Cacharel. Some day I hope to pass on your beautiful printed shirts my mother gave me to my future daughter, or fashion savvy son ;)

Pre Fall 2011

Fall 2011

Spring 2011

March 26, 2011

Sky is the limit

Today I was looking through my photos, pondering on the amount of moving around I've done over the years, especially this past year.
I've lived in 4 major cities: Paris, New York, Los Angeles and now London, and have been lucky to travel a lot for work and pleasure throughout America, Europe, Asia and Africa.
No matter how diverse and unique these places are, I always marvel at the same things, the first being the sky, who doesn't!
Here are some snapshots, I'll keep updating as I go through my archives.

Morogoro and mountains, Tanzania Africa

Cycling home in Santa Monica California

Flying over the Lybian desert for 3 hours

Driving home, Downtown Los Angeles

A reminder in Paris to "Look at the sky"

March 25, 2011

Everyone get your sketchbooks

This winter, when I was heavily working on updating my fashion portfolio, I came across a book called "Fashion Designer's sketchbooks" by Hywel Davies. It inspired me to reshape my portfolio into a much more handfelt and personal experience for myself and the viewers, much like a sketchbook.

Gone with plastic sheets and binders (Yuk!), the clean computerized portfolio.... Showing your designs is a shared experience and I wanted the viewers to personally connect with my work and come away feeling inspired.

This book is not only beautifully laid out, its content showcases sketchbooks from amazing designers, independent to major names: Matthew Williamson, Lutz, Yamamoto, Hamish Morrow, Antonio Marras for Kenzo and much more.
I'm in awe of how they put down their ideas on loose pages, sketchbooks, post its, etc...  The result is poetic and uncompromising. It's an example for all of us designers to never let our flow of ideas be wasted. An amazing moment of inspiration can come and go so we should all have sketchbooks to capture a fleeting dream.
On a more permanent level, a sketchbook is a great working tool to note meetings, doodle, staple swatches, write lists, basically help you through out your daily life.

Anecdotally, I still have my sketch book from art school and when I look at it, I'm so happy it's still with me. Although it was created some 14 years ago, I still get inspired when I look at it.
Because it's the raw untouched version of myself and I guess this post is really about that, never loosing touch with the deeper creative You.
It's great to work in the fashion industry, but it can also burn you out creatively, churning hundreds of styles a year like a fashion machine!
Keeping a sketchbook, discovering books like "fashion designers sketchbooks", is a reminder to cultivate and stay in touch with our magic moments of inspiration.

March 2, 2011

My vision of the Prada Fall 2011 catwalk

I recently sketched this one night after watching the Prada Fall 2011 show, I was really inspired!

March 1, 2011

Fall 2011 catwalks: late summer nights dream

Missoni and Matthew Williamson

I'm loving the gradient color effects used on the Fall 2011 runway. They remind me of a late summer palette, when you're still holding on to the last few days of warmth.
The color palette is soft. The juxtaposition of prints and gradients is carefully balanced creating a romantic effect.
The techniques used feel very new like this interlaced Missoni sweater and gradient trouser, as well as the Matthew Williamson "dip died" mongolian fur vest.

February 27, 2011

My new favorite magazine

I recently discovered Elephant mag http://www.elephantmag.com/magazine/allissues. It's a quarterly art and visual culture magazine started in 2009. This month the theme is collages and I love some of the artists showcased. I find the artwork very inspiring, even for textile prints on garments. The quality of the printing of the magazine itself is really nice too. It's binded with a wide black canvas tape, making it feel like a personal sketchbook. Bravo!

Whimsical contrast panelling on jackets for Fall 2011

I am loving the Milan shows so far. I have to be completely honest, they're not usually my favorites.  
But this Fall, my mouth is watering. The looks are whimsical and have retro references from the 70's, but revisited in a completely modern and sleek way. I haven't been this exited about the catwalks in a while, the Milan shows are bringing a new freshness for Fall 2011. 

Fall 2011 runway: Seamless fabric mixing

Alexander Wang and Shaun Samson for Central Saint Martins

The most innovative fabric trend I've noticed so far on the Fall 2011 runways is the use of seamless fabric transition or rather felted fabric mixing. Generally sweater, felted with a woven fabric like satin, tweed or Nylon like as seen above. I think the effect is astonishing and I particularly love the contrast between a shiny satin and heavy sweater, or a solid sweater and bold plaid. It feels really modern and very wearable at the same time.

February 25, 2011

Teals mixed with sand tones and a warm pop! on the Fall 2011 catwalk

Baso & Brooke and Prada

I love the way teal blues are being combined with neutrals on the Fall 2011 catwalk, along with a small pop of orange which is my favorite color. Whether it's on a plaid, an accessory,a print or simply a fabric juxtaposition, the result is luscious and sexy. I've never been a fan of teal, but I think I'm sold now.

The Gucci Fall 2011 runway: Amazing 70s inspired colors

Gucci Fall 2011 runway
Gucci and Fendi amongst others just blew me away, the color combinations of mustard yellows and greens mixed with rich reds and purples, topped with neutrals... made my brain sizzle. Color always does that to me, it's like food, I get very excited and my mouth waters, am I weird? Watching this show was one of those moments. I'm still going back to this color palette for my inspiration for Fall 2012.

A first time for everything

Hello world of fashion bloggers and web wanderers, here I am. This is my diary, my blurbs about fashion and being a design consultant, life as a victim of style, who can't help but salivate when she sees jaw dropping artfulness.
I'm not here to showcase pictures of myself and how cool I look. No, I'm here to talk about what makes me dream and get inspired as a designer. Yes.... I have a portfolio website, and a Linkedin profile, yes yes... And it's all good and seamless.
But here are the mixed and matched threads of my true inspirations, aspirations and expirations. Hope you'll enjoy, now let's get on with it ;)