April 10, 2011

Cacharel je t'aime

Growing up I always had a special affection for Cacharel as my mother tenderly passed on some of her shirts and jackets she got in the Seventies from the renowned French designer. To this day I cherish these pieces I've kept over the years and they have a sentimental value that cannot be priced. I'm so happy to see the brand has been rejuvenated by the designer Cedric Charlier after years of hibernation. The style lines, the color palettes, season after season don't fail to amaze. The silhouettes are modern and bring a freshness which has been unprecedented for Cacharel in years. And to be honest, Cacharel has been one of my favorite labels "point a la ligne" for the last few seasons now on the fashion landscape. In this post, I've selected some of the prints from Fall 2011, Pre Fall 2011 and Spring 2011. I mean look at this! Cacharel is the French equivalent to England's Liberty. And Cedric Charlier has done a wonderful job at updating the brand's DNA. The prints are vibrant, abstract and unique and manage not to loose the whimsy Cacharel is known for. For print trend direction, I think this is the designer to be looking at these days. All I can say is thank you, bravo and welcome back, I missed you Cacharel. Some day I hope to pass on your beautiful printed shirts my mother gave me to my future daughter, or fashion savvy son ;)

Pre Fall 2011

Fall 2011

Spring 2011

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